Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I recently went through an "apron phase" and thought I would share pictures of the aprons that I made. I will always love the way a pleated apron looks-- so crisp and smooth, yet with a feminine ruffle to it. This one was made with what scraps of fabric I had laying around (thus the unusual fabric combination).
Speaking of ruffles...
This light blue apron took a while to make because of the time it took to gather the ruffles, but I was pleased with the outcome.
This is my "hostess" apron. The lace encompassing the edges was tea-dyed to match the fabric.

I enjoy making half-aprons because they don't require any binding. The insets in this one give it more fullness.
One of my favorite features of this apron are the pockets (positioned at the top of each inset). Since they are made with the same fabric as the rest of the apron, they are rendered almost invisible.
And my favorite apron...
The fabric is so colorful that it matches anything! And it has rick-rack-- which is always fun. And paisleys. I love paisleys.

Thank you for reading! Which apron is your favorite?


Kara Dekker said...

I loved seeing these! My favourite is the "secret pocket inset" apron. Hands down. It's beautiful!


Sherrin said...

Wow, well done! They are all lovely but I think the paisley is my favourite. I have been wanting an apron and at $30 each in the shops maybe I should buy a pattern and make several!