Friday, January 4, 2013

Books Christina Read in 2012

A list of books I read in 2012, with occasional frequent comments. 

The 100 Cupboards Trilogy (N.D.Wilson)
A fantasy trilogy set (mostly) in Kansas. It draws attention to the little things--that may not be so insignificant after all.

Dragon's Tooth (N.D.Wilson)
As much as I liked the 100 Cupboards, this one (in my opinion) is even better. The references to multiple historical and mythological figures successfully aroused my curiosity and sent me on a mission to know these fascinating people.

The Drowned Vault (N.D.Wilson)
*Warning: Spoilers* Why does the bad-guy get away? Now I have to read the next book!

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Kate Wiggin)

Redwall (Brian Jaques)
I have to wonder why Jaques bothered to write about mice at all. They could very easily have been humans. This is not so true of the birds--I enjoyed the language he developed for them. 

The Black Tulip (Dumas)
I was surprised to find that this book really is about a black tulip. Or, more specifically, about the development of the black tulip, and a man who was thwarted in his attempt to do so. 

A Matter of Magic (Patricia C. Wrede)
Probably my favorite out of the books I read last year. I laughed almost as much as I would have with a Wodehouse, and the back-street London slang added a lot of character to the protagonist.

Very Good, Jeeves! (Wodehouse)

If I were You (Wodehouse)
Best thing ever! 

Stepping Heavenward (Elizabeth Prentiss)

French Lessons: Adventures with the Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew (Peter Mayle)
I shall certainly read more of Mayle's writings--food and a good deal of humor, what could be better?

Kim (Kipling)

Bonhoeffer: Paster, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (Eric Metaxis)

The Tale of Despereaux (Kate DiKamillo)
A charming and heroic children's fairy tale... that is somewhat spoiled by swearing--in French, of course, but is there really a difference?

Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen)

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School (Kathleen Flinn)

The Final Problem (Doyle)

Snow White and Red Rose (Patricia C. Wrede)
I was curious about this story, and while it was fun to read, by the time I got to the end I had to ask the question: is 'Snow White' really worth being re-told? The answer is 'no'.


Kara Dekker said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Tine. Your reviews are well written--short and interesting. :)

I think somehow I missed reading "If I were You". Maybe when I come next year!


Meggie said...

I just finished reading the Dragons Tooth, my Mum bought me 100 cupboards, the Dragons Tooth and the Drowned Vault for christmas, and I cannot wait to read them all!